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A Gebra Named Al Second Edition by Wendy Isdell is now available

Welcome all to Official Wendy Isdell Website 3.0. Feel free to browse, sniff around, and otherwise explore this virtual piece of my world.   Good luck, ye intrepid souls!

This site is dedicated to my friends & fans.


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  • August 20-25, 2012. Major overhaul in progress. New graphics, fonts, CSS.
  • August 4, 2012. New Guestbook/Gadgets.
  • March 25, 2003. Website 2.0 revealed.
  • November 1994. Original website opens.

Latest Message

April 5, 2017

Greetings, everybody! Well, it's been awhile. Time to update the website again? Maybe not yet--I have plenty of book projects brewing.

First and most importantly, A Gebra Named Al is on the way! I am working on the files right now. Don't worry, this will be the original text that you all know and love, not a highly-edited version. (My mom convinced me not to change it too much.) Also, once that's done, I will be able to release an accompanying Classroom Guide that makes sense.

Second, if you are looking for more frequent updates than this website (notice that the post prior to this was five years ago), please peek into my Social Media links on the contact page. I talk more frequently there.

Anyway, please stay tuned--books are coming! :)
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